A viral infection is defined by the web as a being pathogenic to humans. There are several types of viruses and almost any can strike the human body to feast on it and infect its body tissue. Amazingly, these viruses fluctuate in intensity too, so while one will only manifest itself as fever another could be a dangerous cancer causing viral that can be fatal too. There are many types of viral and indeed several ways of treating them too. A viral can strike almost anyone and depending on the health and age of the person, its extent of damage also varies. Right from the skin to the brain, any part may be infected. Keep in mind that a such an infection is not one that can be treated with the use of antibiotics. In fact physicians state that more often than not these medicines end up making the virus much stronger. Most viral cases can be fought by the human body’s immune system itself. Those who eat proper balanced diets and maintain a good harmony between their exercise and rest are very likely to have stronger immune systems. Such people are less likely to fall sick as opposed to those with a poor immune system.

Children are also more susceptible to these viral infections as opposed to adults. While adults have over the years built up anti bodies and strong immune systems, kids are just starting out. This is one of the main reasons why kids are prone to bouts of fever while adults seem to sail through the ‘change of season’ periods rather smoothly. It will help to understand here that a bacterial infection is very different from one caused by a virus. While antibiotics are recommended for the former, treatment methods are quite opposite for the latter. Depending on the type of virus, one can however, opt for an anti viral drug instead.

Viral infection symptoms vary according to the different types of viruses and do not follow a completely blanket rule. However, there are a few symptoms that are common. Sore throats, fever, headaches, body aches are the common symptoms. Some people also suffer from rashes, runny noses and even vomiting or nausea.

Still wondering what is a viral infection? The most obvious sign of such an infection is that it is contagious. While some are passed on by close proximity only, others can be carried in the air. So while HIV can be transmitted only through blood or semen, a common throat virus can float in the air and affect anyone.

The most common method of treating a viral is to drink a lot of water, eat healthy foods and take rest. Most viral have a tenure period and the body learns to rid itself of the problem in a few days by developing anti bodies. A viral infection demands rest and one must not exert the body during this time.

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